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Whisky poker hands

There are still lots of notes of chemicals in there (artificial flavouring, jelly sweets) but also some pineapple juice, lots of ginger ale, aspirin and sweet sugared mustard best in slot paladin tank 2 4 3 (and brown sauce, while Im at it).
This is perfection After a few minutes, it even overwhelms the Provenance when putting both glasses under your nose.
Some hot milk too.
Dont get me wrong, its still enjoyable, almost like an excellent 100 proof gin (if that exists).Now, with a few drops of water: the chemical notes do vanish, but the malt gets even more herbal and rather yeasty, with again some notes of rubbed orange skin.From Helsinki, Husky Rescue is a collective, a band, and just Husky himself, and the gig was advertised as a solo performance hypnotic one man band said the Guardian.Crossword in newspaper is filled.Lots of ripe melon and pear juice, pear drops, ripe kiwi.Also some notes of wet fallen leaves, green tea and old books.Perhaps its a little too bitter (burnt caramel) but its still an excellent heavily sherried malt.Long, creamy and bold finish, with a superb peacocks tail.Eventually manage to find door.It gets then both delicately perfumy and fantastically peaty and smoky, somewhat in the Brora genre (yes!) A very vegetal peat at first, getting then very maritime, in a very delicate way.Agree people are same the world over - except for the bloody French.

Nice to see that tradition back ' - right: Glenmorangie 2004 ' Take yourself to the glen of tranquillity '.
But the eye catcher was vocalist Korhola.
Port Ellen 1982/2003 (61.2, Scotch Malt Whisky Circle, sherry) Colour: full amber.Music Recommended listening: I should not like this kind of song, this kind of music, this kind of arrangement, yet I love it!Goes on with some hot butter, boiling milk, hot porridge metin2 guild bonus (aaah!) Simple but good, no question.In short, still a total winner and a landmark bottling.It gets also a little yeasty, slightly sour in a nice way (mashed potatoes with a good deal of butter).