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When to split eights in blackjack

when to split eights in blackjack

You are in big trouble.
Splitting 10s essentially sacrifices a merit park hotel & casino north cyprus great hand for a very slim chance at an even better one.
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I know that every once in a while you are going to lose both of your split hands and feel lousy about it (been there, done that).
Patrick then goes on to say that if he were dealt this hand, Id surrender.And for the love of gambling money, don't hit!You can only improve the hand.3 Never split fives.By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.There are more low cards remaining in the deck than ten-value cards and this can be a nightmare for the player, especially if the dealer shows a ten.When you hit on a pair of fours, it's impossible to bust out the highest you can go is 19 if you get an ace, which is a pretty decent hand.

When the count is highly positive and the dealer shows a 9 or a 10, either hit your eights or surrender the hand.
Make splitting aces and eights a part of your winning blackjack strategy.
You can then act on that hand according to the rules of blackjack by hitting, standing, or doubling down.So you split and you put another 10 up there.Some resources recommend splitting twos and threes (but not sevens) when the dealer shows an eight.We use cookies to make wikiHow great.Did you try these steps?It is one of the easiest rules to remember at the blackjack table.There are a few things you need to know about splitting aces.For these three possibilities, just hit.You can ignore the suit.Whether the suit is hearts, spades, diamonds, or clubs, an ace is always going to have a value of 1 or 11, so if your other card has a value of 10, definitely stand.

The dealer shows a ten.
See below: Playing your two eights as one hand starts you at 16 (a very weak hand).
You must evaluate whether splitting those aces and eights is in your favor.