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Time deposit accounting entries

Rate Code Specify the ebettle cant deposit rate code for the account.
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10.2.8 Capturing the Pay-Out Parameters You can capture the parameters for automatic pay-out by clicking on the TD Payout Details button.Certificate Amount The amount of the certificate is displayed here.You can invoke this screen by typing 1350 in the field at the top right corner of the Application tool bar and clicking on the adjoining arrow button.Capturing Interest Payout Details for Bankers Cheque / DD and PC You can capture interest payout details for Bankers Cheque / DD and PC in the Term Deposit Interest Payout Details screen.The following screen is displayed: The following details are defaulted from the account and displayed: The currency associated with the account The account title The ID of the account holder You need to specify the following: Txn Ccy Select the transaction currency from the option.As the Bank has already paid TDS Rs 3,024.66 on Interest accrued, the certificate shows the net value as Interest Accrued Rs 27,221.92 (Rs 30,246.58-Rs 3,024.66).Account Class Specify the account class latest casino bonuses 10 to which the particular account belongs.Effective Date Specify the effective date Effective Date of a record is the date from which a record takes effect.A transaction slip is generated at the time of input stage completion and is produced to the customer to sign and confirm the transaction.If Pay-In mode is GL, then the system displays only GLs and if the Pay-In mode is Account then only accounts are displayed in the option list.

10.5 Open a Islamic TD Account for Multi Mode This section contains the following topics:.5.1 Opening a Islamic TD Account for Multi Mode You can open TD accounts with Multi Mode Pay-In options using the Islamic TD Account Opening by Multi Mode screen.
Original Tenor This indicates the original tenor of the deposit.
In case of pay-in by cheque, the TD should be entirely funded by a single cheque.You cannot modify this.Charge Booking Account Select the charge booking branch from the option-list available.If you select this option then only principle amount will be moved to unclaimed and Interest will be settled to TD payout.On clicking Save button, the system validates and ensures for minimum mandatory data entry.Redemption Amount Specify the amount of redemption in absolute.Top-up Amount Specify the top-up amount for the.The host identifies the transaction with the external reference number.Percentage Specify the percentage of payout for each payout option specified.

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Note According to defaulting rule, the system will calculate the total amount in terms of minimum number of currencies.