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The forest item slots

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If Zathrian is still alive then you get: Griffon's Beak Griffon's Beak Battleaxe Silverite (Tier 6) Requires: 34 strength Damage:.00.50 ps3 xbox360 Critical chance:.50 Armor penetration:.25 Strength modifier:.10 4 damage.
If you kill the bingo rimer ironman Grand Oak first and don't have the wood, talk to the hermit, and he will offer to make you 'invisible' by enchanting a Werewolf Pelt, which you probably have since you picked it when killing them along the way.
Slaying everything (including Zathrian) naturally ends with the most experience earned.David Gaider wrote the majority of the Nature of the Beast quest line.It seems that if you destroy all your Werewolf Pelts and killed the Grand Oak before you pass through the magical barrier, you are unable to continue this quest and since it is a main quest, you cannot complete the game as well.Each outcome can be achieved with varying degrees of finesse and approval changes.The werewolves currently in the forest are not the original criminals, but unfortunates who wandered into the forest since.To the left of the Hotbar is a small padlock that can be toggled to lock the items in place to prevent accidentally switching items by clicking.

Added dye slots world series of poker europe 2017 results for customizing the color of armor and vanity items.
Watch out for traps throughout the ruins: keep a rogue character up front to try to detect them.
You can still advance normally without actually getting the acorn from the hermit.
Ps3 When siding with the werewolves, it is possible to get blocked from completing the Nature of the Beast quest.Coins Slots, the, coins Slots consist of four slots used to hold the four different types of coins the player can collect throughout the game (.Accessories Slots The Accessories Slots consist of five slots where accessories can be placed to help the player.Side with the elves and Zathrian, and attack the werewolves.They will run away before the Warden can do anything, but drop a hint about a "Lady" to be protected.(tested on PC, patch.02) Some players prefer to side with the Elves because of their strong bow attack, which the werewolves lack.If you tell Shale to stop questioning you Shale disapproves ( -15 ).

Just south of the Grand Oak, a small bridge gives access to a seemingly abandoned camp site.
To access this menu, click the small house icon next to the PvP icon in the inventory.
Note: If Dog is in the party when you first arrive at the Dalish Camp then when the conversation is over Mabari Dominance is active even though you have not examined the Landmark Tent behind Zathrian yet.