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Talonro suiken bonus

talonro suiken bonus

Me, personally, I went for AkAkAk first, since I really wanted my champ to deal as much dmg as possible (and once we're talking about asura, 99 of non-bosses die even to a naked fist).
50 matk 30 Stone Curse and Freeze Resistance.
30 Freeze and Stone Curse Resistance.Each character can only make ONE Class Specific SQI.STR 5, DEX 5, AGI.Item Class : Headgear Defence Rate : 7 Equipped On : Mid Weight : 10 Power Level : 9000 Applicable Job : Gunslinger Ingredients Bonuses Autocast Call Spirits Level 5 when using Flip poker run åland 2017 rutt Coin.13 aspd 15 crit Back to the Top Mjolnir 3 A great hammer rumored to have been used by, Thor, the God of thunder.TTT enables you to deal great FO dmg, even to trash monsters, incase you want to hunt those with your champ (e.g.20 HP/SP 15 Non-Boss Resistance.

1000 SP Enables use of Aura Blade Level.
INT 5, DEX 5, matk.
Back to the Top Nibelungen 3 A spear used by Odin's battle maidens to purify weird souls.
Wind Endow for 4 seconds after using Spear Boomerang.Spend 75 less zeny when using Maximum Over Thrust.10 aspd 15 crit 20 more damage with Critical Hits.Despite their weight, the wearer feels able to run at great speeds.This is a package that can only be obtained by paying.Incredibly soft and graceful.MHP/MSP 20, SP Recovery 15, mdef 10 Fast-move all the time Item Class : Shoes Defence : 5 Weight : 150 Required lvl : 80 Available Job : Every Job Ingredients Back to the Top Valkyrie Helm 1 Helmet decorated with angelic feathers, worn by Odin's battle maidens.Seeing how you don't want to compete for field MVPs, I'd prolly go TTT too.