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Spell slots multiclassing 5e

Domain : foxwoods slot tournament At 3rd level, she selects one domain her deity grants, gaining that domains 1st-level granted power, treating her character level as her effective cleric level.
Magus Arcana : At 7th level, he gains one magus arcana.
Orc vgtm : Nothing specifically useful for the Bard.
Discovery : At 15th level, he gains an arcane discovery or wizard bonus feat, treating his character level as his effective wizard level.You won't need to use this in every fight, but certainly don't hesitate to use it if you think it will be helpful.Perception (Wis The most rolled skill in the game.Rock: Nothing particularly useful for the Bard.Note that no character can have more than 4 attacks based on its base attack bonus.Martial Adept PHB : Not useful enough with only one superiority die.Most of the subraces don't work well for the Bard, but Eladrin are a fantastic option.Feats Alert PHB : Going first is nice for getting buffs set up, but you're not as dependant on it as a Rogue or a Controller.Actor PHB : In a highly social game, this opens up some interesting options and allows you to further capitalize on your excellent Charisma.Variant: Feats are always excellent.These rules enable characters to gain many of the benefits of multiclassing without sacrificing advancement in their primary classes, and creates opportunities to explore novel character concepts, such as a barbarian whose rage stems from being afflicted by the gods with an oracles curse and.Proficiencies: Light armor and a handful of weapons won't give you a ton of options, but it's enough to get by, and Bards rely mostly on their spells and special abilities.

Characters advance in level according.
Hit Points, hit Dice: 1d10 per Healer level.
Edit 9/26/13 : This is a reversal of an earlier ruling.
High/Moon/Sun scag : A Wizard cantrip can be a tempting damaging option since the Bard's best damage cantrip only deals d4's of damage.He must follow the edicts of his order.Shortsword: Rapier deals more damage, and Bards don't get anything from two-weapon fighting.Order Ability : At 7th level, he gains the 2nd-level ability of his chosen order, treating his character level as his effective cavalier level.Additional Performances : At 19th level, he gains the ability to use dirge of doom and inspire greatness as a bard of his character level.Gunsmith : At 7th level, she gains the gunsmith class feature.It is probably a good idea to use either this variant system or normal multiclassing, but its possible for the two systems airberlin bonus level to be used together.