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Slot sensor

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They can be mounted directly into a bridge above the starting track.
Schematic : Placement : PCB : Part list : C1, C2 - 10 capacitor D1, D2, D3, D4 - 1N4148 diods IC1 - LM324N IC2 - 7805S R2, R5 - Custom 10k R3, R4 - 33k R6 - 22k, variable resistor R8, R9 -.
Year: 2009 Submodel: GT Helpful (0) Thanks for your input!
Not finding an answer?100 mm 100.With only 1 Aop, the edge width may be very short, often shorter than the PC pooling system and in this case the PC detects nothing!We highly recommend a tune, poe max jewel slots especially if your vehicle is not stock.This is vital that we have proper information being read which we've found that only the stock unit provides.Year: 2007 Submodel: GT Helpful (2) Thanks for your input!1 answer I have several mods including CAI, throttle body, intake manifold, headers, X pipes, cams, and axle backs.I can feel some loss of power in my car, I have checked multiple probable issue and have ruled them out so I'm going to try cleaning my stock sensor and if it doesn't work then I want to replace it with this sensor.Questions (11) Answers (11 calibrated for Optimum Performance.

Product family, mZT8, typically sick: quick mounting, precise switching, high temperature resistance.
(150 mm) PVC Pigtail Connector SLO30VB6qpma SLO30 Series: Slot Sensor w/o Sensitivity Adjustme Slot width: 30 mm; Input: 10-30V dc Output: Bipolar: 1 NPN; 1 PNP Euro 5-pin.
I am running a CAI system and just installed eliquis ins├Ąttning a Bama performance tune.This is to make the cathode lead.Mustang, back, question 1 of 3, i don't own a 1979 Mustang Ownership does not affect chances of winning.The infra-red sensors reaction are much much much more faster!Number Of Conductors (AWG) 326 AWG, temperature Range -40C to 105C, contact Carrier Material / Color, nylon or PUR / Black.Thanks in advance 1 answer I know it only says this sensor is meant for GT models but can it be used on a V6 that has had some modifications?Performance Gain 3 3 Fit 5 5 5/5 Good Stuff Got this more for curiosity sake due to my car's OEM FoMoCo MAF sensor has never been replaced (has 144,000 mi.Performance Gain 5 5 Fit 5 5 3/5 Never installed this I never installed this see to the bama guys telling me to run stock.