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The supplies can be given to skatt på bonus 2018 Quercus for either experience in the skills the supplies belong to or 4000 coins for each item.
Avatar Wardens In 72 clan, all members, regardless of their rank, have the possibility of taking on the role of an Avatar Warden through the biweekly merit system.
Very few players have ever been able to achieve this rank.
Google Calendar As everything is meant to be extremely organized in 72 clan, the clan's daily events are moved to Google Calendar for max efficiency and accessibility.Later we added PVM and Minigames to our events.Do not attack the general of the camp until all the minions are dead, the general will not attack you until you attack him and he can potentially kill you with casino slot machine rules ease, so wait until all the minions are dead and the reinforcements can help.The role of a Mauler can be given to anyone but the bomb tank.ELM ( East of the Lava Maze ) - Use waka or you can walk from Corporeal Beast cave (games necklace teleport point).Sergeant Sergeants are the newly selected diligent members.

The group is not related to Runescape at all.
The top two members of the clan to have attended and led these events each year will be eligible for 1 diligence!
Members with at least three are eligible for Lieutenant.
Becoming a Lieutenant in 72 would take lots of effort, time, and dedication.
The bomb tank typically survives off shield abilities such as resonance or reflect, as well as doing as much damage they can muster whilst staying at a comfortable level of health and prayer.You can find more info about this by clicking here.Please feel free to do some research outside of the game as well through or youtube.6- Label is anything you want it.The purpose of the voke order is to ensure this does not happen.PVM Events As PVM are considered to be one of the most popular kind of events, certain factors are to be noted to all clan members regarding these entertaining yet sometimes controversial events.It is the job of the base tank to assign voke order.To Setup Teamspeak, please take the following steps: 1- Download Teamspeak Client (not server) that is compatible with your Operating System (e.g.The leaders of this clan do their best to help you flourish within the community.Organizer are also in charge of temporarily promoting the Corporals who are voted out for being outstanding in Clan Chat.