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Retention bonus contract sample

retention bonus contract sample

(c) You, McAfee and Intel agree that, other than your McAfee Stock Options, McAfee RSUs and McAfee PSUs that were granted prior to the date the Merger Agreement was signed (August 18, 2010) and are 5 free mobile casino bonus assumed by Intel pursuant to the Merger Agreement, no stock option.
The terms of this letter agreement cannot be modified except in a written document signed by duly authorized officers of McAfee and Intel and you.
The pro-rated amount will be determined by multiplying (i) the product of the First Incentive Bonus amount and a fraction with the numerator equal to the number of days that have elapsed since January 1, 2011, and the denominator equal to 365 by (ii) the extent to which.
The policy generally contains retrospective rating provisions such as, commutation provisions, Additional premium provisions, or, an experience account.This signing bonus is not part of the base salary calculation but is considered taxable income.An example, appropriate for a finite risk insurance policy, might look like this: Loss experience account edit A notional loss experience account will be created at the Inception Date, for use in evaluating amounts due under casino shuffel the commutation provision, which shall be updated annually thereafter.I do hereby certify to agreement of the above mentioned terms as stated by signing below: _ Date employee Signature _ Date hiring Manager Signature.In addition, if you are an active employee (including on julbord på casino cosmopol göteborg a statutory or approved leave of absence) of the Intel group as of January 1, 2012 and remain so through December 31, 2012, you will be eligible to receive an incentive bonus, the maximum amount of which.(b) You, McAfee and Intel acknowledge that immediately following the eighteen (18) month anniversary of the Closing Date (as such term is defined in the Agreement and Plan of Merger, dated August 18, 2010, among Intel, Jefferson Acquisition Corporation, and McAfee (the "Merger Agreement the Change.While there is no brightline test for risk transfer, the distinction would be most readily noted in the premium for blended finite risk insurance, which must be less than the present value of a conseravtive estimate of loss experience by a readily noticeable degree.

Also, the employee understands that the remainder of the bonus are forfeited if the employee is no longer in the position to which they are hired or if their performance is not satisfactory.
We are pleased to provide you with the potential to earn certain bonus opportunities under the McAfee, Inc.
Loss-based return and additional premium provisions in conventional loss-based rating plans,.g., incurred loss retrospectively rated insurance and so-called "retention plans" used commonly in insuring.Such Loss Experience Account shall be due and payable to the Policyholder on the Commutation Date.We are offering you the opportunity to earn the bonuses described in this letter agreement because we recognize that you are critical to the success of McAfee's future business operations and you have the potential to make a significant impact on McAfee's future growth.If your employment is terminated for "cause" or you voluntarily terminate your employment prior to the First Retention Date, you will not receive any portion of the First Retention Bonus, even if you are rehired.The actual amount of the Second Incentive Bonus paid shall be based on the extent to which the performance metrics set forth on Exhibit A, attached hereto, have been achieved for the 2012 calendar year, as determined by the Senior Vice President and General Manager.