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Mike's bonus suits

mike's bonus suits

She also sleeps with him.
In Season 5, Forstman appears in the episode 'Uninvited Guests' when Harvey visits him in prison to confront him about funding Daniel Hardman's renewed run at taking over the firm.
The intensity of Harvey's confrontation leaves Louis seriously shaken, and, convinced he has no future at Pearson Hardman, approaches Alison live poker in stockholm Holt to inquire about a moving to a position at Bratton Gould.
Alex Williams edit He joins the firm in season 7 and serves as one of the main characters of season 8, as he competes with Samantha to get his name on the wall next after a merger with Robert Zane.
Gina Torres the co-founder and managing partner of the firm.Kyle is arrogant and lacking in morals, going so far as to renege on an oral settlement agreement in a mock trial against Mike and then mocking him in a whisper.It is later revealed that the client is the disgraced billionaire Charles Forstman, now incarcerated.He goes to see Cahill at his office, intending to confess in exchange for shielding the firm, but runs into Woodall instead, who sends Louis home after hearing his confession.10 11 At first, Harvey is hoping Donna will come back; when he finally accepts her departure, he looks for a replacement.When she learns the truth, she is upset that both Trevor and Mike lied to her.His role at the firm is more like a guide and voice of logic rather than a disciplinarian.

Daniel manipulates the situation and the confidentiality agreement that Jessica signed on the night of his expulsion to get Monica Eaton to sue Jessica Pearson simultaneously for wrongful termination, knowing that the combined assault will box the firm into a corner and damage its credibility;.
Harvey's resentment and anger towards Louis doesn't die off.
The morning after their first date, she goes to the copy room to flirt with Stephen, leaving Harvey to ask where she was upon her returning to her desk.2 However, Jenny breaks up with him because he has feelings for Rachel Zane, a colleague.But it is revealed the test was sold to the dean's daughter, resulting in the university board demanding the dean's resignation.He never becomes emotionally attached to his clients, either; he performs his work with cold professionalism, rarely showing emotional attachment to his client.Later though, in the season 3 episode "The Other Time Harvey admits that her relationship with Stephen does aggravate him.

Louis wires the money as Forstman wants, but he also forces Louis to accept a 1 million fee for putting the deal together, as a form of self-protection for Forstman to cover his act of tax evasion.