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Advice on playing live poker in Thailand?
At one point I was grinding microstakes in a 160 studio the building still had a pool.
Check out this recent 2015 thread.
Your 30 days visa-free can be extended for another 30 for a small fee at any immigration building,.g.Noble Solo Thong Lo youd be near other poker players, either in the same building or 5 minutes away.They need a good VPN that doesnt fail or intermittently switch to a USA IP address.I post a lot on the TwoPlusTwo forums and was checking the travel section for second gap year ideas, disillusioned about entering the 9 to 5 rat race.You can definitely get one for studying a Masters program here, I know a couple poker players doing postgraduate study.g.

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The main companies are True, dtac and AIS.
Try to research a legit one.
I assume its a similar process with other Thai banks.Nails, casino no deposit bonus win real money pupil, spine, tesla, broom, bulge, bumpy.You may need to go along with a Thai person as a guarantor, I didnt though.So theres no crackdown on being a forever tourist.Retirement / Marriage / Work Permit If you happen to be over 50 visas are easy, cheap and extendable within the country, no need for border runs.Others play with regs 8pm to 4am, 4 days a week.

Short term rental at the Mirror, in CMs trendy Nimman area Pattaya would be the cheapest for someone partying a lot, alcohol, girls, and getting around on the Baht bus.