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Retribution During the era of online casino advertising on tv annoying the caste system, Orion would read and index information in the Hall of Records from the Communication Grid, but was forbidden to analyze.
Optimus Prime was the last born of the original.
On Thin Ice Optimus landed up in an Amazon jungle, where he stumbled on a Vehicon sinking in quicksand, having been left there by Starscream.
Transformations Tales of the Beast Hunters As Bumblebee and Wheeljack hunted for weapons to combat Predaking, they ran into trouble and sent a distress call.
Optimus still believed Smokescreen was too green to go into combat, so the new Autobot was left at base when Prime took a team to recover some Red Energon.The Quintesson judges considered this, and eventually declared Optimus and the assembled Cybertronians innocent.He ordered the other Autobots not to come to his aid, so naturally they came anyway.On Christmas, Fowler reported to Optimus that Megatron and Starscream had taken control of the NS Yamal, a nuclear-powered Russian icebreaker.Orion eventually became friends with Jazz, a member of the underground resistance movement that had formed against the Quintessons.Optimus and the Bee Team soon discovered that Soundwave was back and planning to try and contact Megatron, using a trans-galactic beacon generator which would also irradiate Earth as a side effect.When the Predacon abducted Tobio Fma and Isami Tatewaki, the young humans who had been helping the Swordbots, Optimus and the Swordbot teams pursued him to Mount Fuji, only to find he had absorbed the boys and the Legendiscs, gaining the power to Cyberform the.Eventually, the mighty menace went down, and Prime saluted Trypticon on his way to extinction.Speed Metal I woke up late one morning with a black eye.Reformatted into a new body, he was sent to Earth, arriving in time to save Denny, Russell and Fixit from Fracture.As Energon depleted, the war descended into a mere siege of Iacon lasting millions of cycles, and Optimus opted to eject the AllSpark itself into space: during this battle, Optimus gained another great friend in Bumblebee.When both sides had arrived and temporarily disarmed, the Curator revealed his true allegiance.

Rendezvousing at a military base, Optimus trained Heatwave on focusing his energies, so that Heatwave could take on a second alternate mode.
Afterwards, Optimus confided to Alpha Trion that the act of killing alone made him feel he was on the wrong side.
He was put to work decoding information stolen from the Iacon archives, and told Megatron they were of locations in which slot should you put 16gb ram of Earth and feared that they could be weapons of mass destruction.
After Starscream stole Air Force One and held the President of the United States ransom, demanding Optimus Prime be turned over bound and gagged, the Autobot leader worked out from the ransom note where Starscream was.
The decombined Autobots promised that if the Predacons ever returned, they would be there to again defend the Earth.Hard Knocks After Smokescreen escaped the Nemesis with two of the keys, the Autobots received a message from Starscream offering the final key in exchange for surgical help.When he was contacted by Grimlock's team who reported Shockwave 's experiments, Optimus ordered them back to base, only for Grimlock to ignore him.Tracking an Energon Harvester to a museum, Optimus Prime and the Autobots were attacked by new Decepticons arrivals Knock Out and Breakdown, and Prime got the business end of Knock Out's Energon prod, taking him out of the fight long enough for Soundwave to make.But when Ratchet proceeded to generate a batch of "SynthEn" and was driven mentally unstable after testing it on himself, he and Optimus came to blows, and Optimus confined him to base.Indeed, Optimus's fall zynga farmville 2 bonus collector was broken by a recently freed Leviacon, who carried him to the Curator's fortified command bubble hidden deep beneath the surface.

Optimus encouraged him to return and he did.