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Gear slots lotro

Transfers between live worlds will remain a premium service.
The character that has been active in the last year keeps the name and the other character gets a -1 and name change token.
What if I have all my character slots filled?
So eh, first of all ik that u23 will launch soon, so this is more just a curious question, so i dont rly do raids or anything on lotro, and all my characters have 330 purps, and my champ 330 blues, to upgrade i have.Will my mail be transferred?This collects the Kin name and rank, creates a guild of similar rank and name, and adds any members who also follow to the new world.Level at which you can learn weapon proficiency.A character transfer only transfers a specific character from one server to another.

Throne of the Dread Terror raid at tier.
There are a LOT of things to buy.
Level at which you can learn armour proficiency Starting proficiency.These items include the following: Account Shared Currency (Mithril Coins Skirmish).Will I get that money back?All of the items you have on your character inventory will move with you to your new sever.How i can obtain 340.However, there is no restrictions on where you might start a NEW character and play based on your physical location, so feel free to try out new worlds in which ever region you feel most comfortable.Kin leaders can move their Kin with them to a new world.Mail does not transfer, therefore it is recommended that you clear all items you wish to keep out of your mail box before transferring.