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Freespin 11 nov

freespin 11 nov

EndWhile, sub MainLoop template Text.
Append piece hcount) tValue(h, -1, template) ' bingo astra kladionica tValue(h, -1) the template name nWidth 1 nColor "Black" ushColor tValue(template, "color For i 0 to boxes - 1 s dRectangle(bwidth, bwidth) veShape(s, -bwidth, -bwidth) ' move off screen tValue(h, i, s) EndFor EndSub Sub MovePiece 'in: ypos.
Cheight 20 ' Canvas Height, in number of boxes.
Title "Small Basic Tetris graphicsWindow.
End EndIf ' Copy the remain properties from basetemplate to template.' "." indicates spot is free x * bwidth, yoffset y * bwidth, bwidth, bwidth) EndFor EndFor nWidth 4 nColor "Black" yoffset, xoffset, yoffset cheight*bwidth) cwidth*bwidth, yoffset, xoffset cwidth*bwidth, yoffset cheight*bwidth) yoffset cheight*bwidth, xoffset cwidth*bwidth, yoffset cheight*bwidth) nColor "Lime" - 4, yoffset, xoffset -.' the index of each entry within a piece represents the box number (1-4) ' the value of each entry represents to box zero-based box coordinate within the piece: tens place is x, ones place y X_ X_ XX tValue template1 0, 10) tValue template1.DrawText(x 25, y 220, "Left Arrow Move piece left GraphicsWindow.DrawText(x, y 200, "Game control keys GraphicsWindow.Cwidth 10 ' Canvas Width, in number of boxes.DrawPreviewPiece h thisPiece ypos 0 done 0 xpos 3 ' always drop from column 3 CheckStop ' in: ypos, xpos, h ret: done If done 1 Then ypos ypos - 1 MovePiece 'in: ypos, xpos, h end 1 EndIf yposdelta 0 While done.Xpos xpos - invalidMove ValidateMove ' in: ypos, xpos, h, moveDirection ret: invalidMove 1 or -1 or 2 if move is invalid, otherwise 0 EndIf EndWhile If invalidMove 0 Then xpos xposbk tValue(h, -1, basetemplate) ' tValue(h, -1) the template name template " EndIf EndIf.Floor(v/10) xpos) (mainder(v, 10) ypos - 1) * cwidth, tValue(h, i) EndFor ' 1 points for every piece successfully dropped score score 1 PrintScore ' Delete clared lines DeleteLines EndIf EndSub Sub DeleteLines linesCleared 0 ' Iterate over each row, starting from the bottom For.Xoffset 40 ' Screen X offset in pixels of where the board starts.

Floor(v/10) 'y mainder(v, 10) ' new x and y x (L - 1 - mainder(v, 10) y Math.
SetupTemplates setupCanvas mainLoop owMessage( "Game Over "Small Basic Tetris" ).
then remove the line.Floor(v/10) y mainder(v, 10) If (x xpos moveDirection) 0 Then invalidMove -1 i boxes ' force getting out of the loop EndIf If (x xpos moveDirection) cwidth Then invalidMove 1 i boxes ' force getting out of the loop EndIf If tValue c (x xpos.Vijaye Raji, december 28, 2008 15, sample of this week is Small Basic Tetris, ported.CheckStop ' in: ypos, xpos, h ret: done EndWhile EndWhile EndSub Sub HandleKey ' Stop game If stKey "Escape" Then Program.For y1 y To planet 7 casino match bonus 1 Step -1 For x1 0 to cwidth - 1 piece tValue c x1 (y1 - 1) * cwidth) tValue c x1 y1 * cwidth, piece) veShape(piece, tLeftOfShape(piece tTopOfShape(piece) bwidth) EndFor EndFor EndIf EndWhile EndFor If linesCleared 0 Then score score.Floor(v/10) y mainder(v, 10) If y ypos cheight Or tValue c (x xpos) (y ypos) * cwidth) "." Then done 1 i boxes ' force getting out of the loop EndIf i i 1 EndWhile ' If we need to stop the piece, move the.DrawRectangle(x - 20, y 190, 310, 170) ushColor "Black" ntItalic "False" ntName "Comic Sans MS" ntSize 16 GraphicsWindow.