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The line that delineates the areas that hydrologically contribute to one or the other ocean would follow the equator if the earth was a perfect ellipsoid.
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It is the geometry of this very shape that geodesists were trying to calculate for more than a century.
Their efforts were finalized by the acceptance of the ellipsoid the crocodile poker player referred to as World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS84) by the international community in Washington,.C., in 1984.
Most scientists agree that the solar day (related to the speed of rotation) is continuously getting longer.Scrolling Text Marquee A horizontal scrolling text effect that you can use for your website news, or important announcements.If the earth stood still, the oceans would gradually migrate toward the poles and cause land in the equatorial region to emerge.Number of buttons is fixed.Buttons : Big Flashing Button A big flashing button generator, that can be used to prompt your visitors for action casinostar free slots hack or any other purposes you can think.

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The north polar waters and the water over the vast, recently spela online casino utomlands submerged territories in Siberia and Canada would be getting deeper.
By Witold Fraczek, Esri, this article as a, pDF.Animation 09/09, ice Ages and Sea Level Fluctuations.After a few billion years of spinning, the earth has taken on the shape of an ellipsoid (which can be thought of as a flattened sphere).The actual slowdown of the earth's rotation has been observed, measured, calculated, and theoretically explained.Sun Skyscraper Animated Flash banner with a spinning sun background.Since the current western Pacific Ocean is a plane, land would emerge quickly because there would be no chance that water would be exchanged between the two circumpolar oceans after the initial split.Sandy Words, text effect made with animated particles.New archipelagos emerge from the southern seas.

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