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Fallout new vegas vikki and vance casino gun

fallout new vegas vikki and vance casino gun

Everything but the car is gone, stolen by a pair of crooks of Vikki and Vance's caliber.
Fixin' Things and Salesman Weekly : In the back lounge.
In unpatched versions of the game, the script might not correctly remove casino chips from inventory, making it a source of infinite caps, Legion coin, and NCR dollars.
Convincing the mercenaries to leave (.Enter, vikki and Vance Casino.Leads to: Big Winner, Vikki Vance (when applicable detailed walkthrough, edit, after bringing back order to the town of, primm, the Courier must travel to a different location and pass three days without visiting Primm.They do have unique headwear, so less moral mobilautomaten bonus kode characters may want to choose this path.You could probably also just kill both of them and call it a day.VDialogueVickyVance, heh, you've got moxy, buddy, but we don't take kindly to tourists on our turf.There are three possible ways to get rid of them: Convince them that there is law back in Primm with a Speech skill.Rewards and ban High rollers can earn the following bonus rewards: The player is banned from playing after reaching 2 500 chips.NCR took control of the Dam resulted in a windfall and the Casino was reopened to allow travelers and Army soldiers to enjoy gambling without having to go as far a Vegas - or give them a chance at turning their luck around before making.All we know is that the crossfire tore the car and both occupants to pieces, and the police issued an official apology.

Guess this is as fitting a place for that as any.
4, unfortunately, it competed for audiences with the.
Reward: Gambling at Vikki and Vance Casino.Talk to Pauline afterwards for the opportunity for a Speech check.After roughly 10 seconds, the Courier will be approached by Layla and her band of thugs, who heard Primm is ripe for the picking.This actually isn't necessary though.Primm in, fallout: New Vegas.Encounter the mercenaries and deal with them.You can put your eyes on the genuine Death Car just over yonder, and there's Vance's machine gun in the case next to it!" ( Primm Slim's dialogue ) The Courier : "Tell me about Primm." Primm Slim : "Primm is a thriving resort community.Fact is, they begun their crime spree two days before Bonnie and Clyde robbed their first bank - so who was copying who?

Having lived by the gun - well, Vance owned one, anyway - it was only fitting that the duo of desperados would die by the gun.
Welcome to the Vikki and Vance Casino and Museum." ( Primm Slim's dialogue ) The Courier : "What is this place?" Primm Slim : "Why, this is the Vikki and Vance Casino and Museum - Primm's Primm-eer tourist attraction and resort destination!
First things first: any bosh you've heard about Vikki and Vance being copycats ain't nothing but ill-tempered slander.