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Europa universalis 4 trade bonus

Overall stay away from naval and xcom 2 base adjacency bonus maritime ideas, pick the bonuses you need, dont pick too many bonuses in areas with rapidly diminishing return (see below anticipate what you will need in advance and you should be good.
You can find detailed information about that in the log (Hotkey -L).
You lose Power Projection from having too few rivals picked and losing provinces to your rivals.New peace treaties * Now possible to enforce Military Access * Now possible to enforce Fleet Basing Rights - Enhanced Merchant republics * Merchant republics now give a bonus to Goods Produced in provinces that they do not own, proportional to how much.Pick a playstyle and build on it, many playstyles are viable, just dont flail around.Conquest of Paradise: - Added new siege strip assault and breach overlays for Native Americans - Added several new events for Native Americans (There are also quite a few major rebalances, see ance-Changes ).Several new events for Trade Companies * No longer possible to westernize if you only neighbour western provinces that are in trade companies - Buildable Canals.To control trade, you use merchants.This value varies for each trade center (although some modifiers,.g.If you, on the other hand, control at least 20 of the world trade of these goods, you will receive a special bonus, which depends on the type of the goods.One thing to note about EU is the choice of ideas is not just what you need but when you need it plus what ideas will you get in your national ideas.

This will increase the income of the remaining countries from these nodes.
If you arent planning on a colonial empire before 1700s youll want economy ideas, or else youll be penny-pinching throughout the gameplay.
The effects cumulate, up to five merchants.Under no circumstances should you pick both religious and humanist, its a waste of a slot and valuable admin points.Wealth of Nations, the game's second major expansion pack, is out now and offering trade-focused improvements and additions.A trader can amass money or send it further, in hope of making a larger profit.Papal Automation * You can now prioritise which cardinal to vote for and then let the game do the work.Thats the final and perhaps the most critical consideration.Erecting new buildings also increases.Embargo, to maximize your share in a trade center, you can consider imposing embargo on another country.Eventually, the game puts thrill spin slot a merchant in the trade center of the capital to collect money there.