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Elite dangerous bonus weekend trading

elite dangerous bonus weekend trading

We have made the changes ingame to reflect the bonus, what you see ingame right now is what you need for engineering a module during this bonus period.
Ah well, maybe next time :-) Login to reply to this thread., 11:46 AM (Edited.
We've informed the team so we can get that corrected as soon as possible.
Maybe you can clarify this statement Will.Eccentric Hyperspace Trajectories, a Rare Encoded material also in the "Wake Scans" type.Login to reply to this thread., 11:39 AM #10 How exactly does the trading profit increase work?10:44 AM #1, clean out those cargo racks and get yourselves ready for a booming bank holiday (extended) weekend!Rare Commodities are casino blocker free no cost excluded engineering modification material costs are reduced by one rank (for example, if a G5 mod requires.Material Trader ) 3 25 off a large selection of items in the.No change to missions that I can see, so regular trading only.Bonuses: All profits from trading activities will be increased (the amount of profit will vary depending on what you are shipping and where youre shipping.This wasn't what was advertised.Read more on the, elite: Dangerous site.This rank reduction applies to all materials across all mods.

Oh well back to my exploration.
Check it out here!
Login to reply to this thread., 11:20 AM (Edited.Elite Dangerous* is a space simulator game by Frontier Developments based in the year 3304.Commanders, start your FSDs and get ready for the first Elite Dangerous "Bonus Weekend"!Goods are cheaper to buy and sell for more, varying by commodity, location and faction states as ever, but I'm making 80-90 profit on some runs edit - Use the trading tools in the commodity market to see the potential profits at your destination.Update: So Thought I'd go old school since eddb clearly needs more data to catch up to the new ied off loading the Mil grade fabs at a military t get there and it is no such t a mil base or anything in uld.

Login to reply to this thread., 11:09 AM #4, originally Posted by, will Flanagan (Source the materials requested for engineering recipes will be at one rank below the existing ones (cheapening the current cost of engineering your modules.).