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Diamond hunt magic bonus

There is 1 weapon with 0 AS in the game, which is the cannon.
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Oil Storage 4 Oil best in slot holy paladin cap increased to 300'000.
Oil Storage 5 Oil cap increased to 600'000.
145 0 N/A.Instantly grow a tree Grow a tree using the super tree potion.This would leave your final chance to be equal to 100-49.5.5 of the original (Ex: Shrimp base chance is 1/12,000, with lvl 100 fishing your final chance will be 1/6060.A: You need a Fishing Rod in order to start catching fish and to finish the Cooks Assistant quest, Fishing rod is crafted in the Mining Anvil section and needs Iron bars and Oak logs.Mine a total of 300'000'000 stone.Complete all hard achievements.Stardust cost per xp: Select an ore to convert: Amount of Ores: xp - Not enough stardust.Contents show, leveling, edit.Q:How do I brew?Cooking XP: Combat tab Add wood to oven Click food.

Extract power from essence: Fail chance: 0 How many?
Loot a cannon piece from the Skeleton Pirate.
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This is the opposite to Accuracy.Q:How do I get Brewing supplies / How do i get grass?Harvest a total of 100 gold leaves.Q: How do i turn on/off my machinery?30 0 N/A 15 5 2 Hit the enemy for a maximum.Hard Harvest a total of 500 dotted green leaves.A: People think it looks like grass for some reason.Harvest an ancient tree with 5 ancient berries.Reflect the next hit back at the enemy.Armours and bonus stats from Achievement perks or orbs will add to the base stat, while weapons will replace their stats to base stats.