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The same shall be resolved between you and the payee-companies and/or individuals; or (vi) Bank's failure to (a) effect any payment transaction, or (b) provide any of the Bank's products, services, facilities and channels, or (c) carry out your instructions, including telephone instructions or send.
The following are some of the Bank products, services or facilities you may avail: (a) Acceptance of ATM Deposits - You agree that the receipt electronically generated at the time a deposit transaction was made represents what you purport to have deposited.Your continued usage and/or availment of the Accounts, products, services, facilities and channels of the Bank after the effective date of such revision and/or change shall be deemed to constitute your acceptance of the changes and/or revisions without reservation.As such, the Bank will not be responsible for the verification and accuracy of Instructions received by the Bank.The Bank shall have the right, in its sole discretion, but without any obligation to do so, to freeze the Account and/or take any necessary action, including but not limited to, the filing of interpleader suits, any of which acts performed by the Bank are.(e) The Bank, its directors, officers, employees, agents and representatives shall be reimbursed/indemnified against, and shall be held free and harmless from all liabilities, actions, claims, damages, costs, taxes, fees, charges, expenses and suits, which may be brought against or suffered or incurred by the.If youve entered the check amount incorrectly, it will most likely be in a pending status awaiting further review.The Bank shall not be held liable for transactions that have been completed based on erroneous requests including but not limited to: (i) erroneous and invalid data, such as online casino vinster but not limited to, mobile number, Account/reference number, merchant name or scheduled dates for payment/funds transfer.See below for more details on entering checks.(b) You can access your Accounts through your Express Teller Card/Data/Number 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.You agree to nominate a branch of convenience, which may be any Bank branch which will: (a) identify, assist and orient you in your account opening; and (b) facilitate your over-the-counter transactions.

All communications sent by mail or by electronic mail or by short messaging service (SMS) or by facsimile transmission or by such other electronic transmission including posting in the Banks website to any of your last known address, facsimile number, mobile number or electronic mail.
(i) Other Special Services - You can make other service requests and inquiries such as but not limited to, Stop Payment Order (SPO Checkbook Reorder, Address Change, Application Status Inquiries, ATM and Credit Card-related Requests and Inquiries, Loan Services Inquiries, Remittance-related Inquiries and Enrollment Procedures.
(b) Express Payment System (EPS) The Debit Card allows you to use the facility, known as the "Express Payment System" (EPS for payment of goods and services purchased from participating merchants.You acknowledge that you are at all times aware of the required minimum monthly ADB, the service charges, maintenance fees, dormancy fees and penalties applicable for various types of Accounts, products, services, facilities and channels, as the case may be, as well as any amendments.Deposited funds will be credited to your account with a 2 business-day hold, unless the deposit requires further review by dmcu, which may delay the funds availability.Second endorsed checks are not allowed.Qualifying banking history, all account owners must meet banking history and credit score requirements.You agree to return the Express Teller Card at the Bank's request.(b) You also acknowledge that SPOs, for dated and undated checks, are valid for a period of six (6) months from the date of the Banks receipt of the SPOs, unless sooner renewed/extended in writing for another six (6) months.What if I havent used Mobile Banking?