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Dash vent slot 1969 beetle

We remove the glove box, by removing the screw holding the strap in place at the bottom of the glove box.
Installing the dash pad is a time consuming job and there are some tedious steps along the way.
To accept cookies from this site, please click the Allow button.In caroline landerborg producent bonus familj the trunk, on the back side of the dash, remove the speedometer cable by loosening the nut and pulling away from the speedometer.Install the left and right dash grills by pressing the four prongs for each grill through the dash pad and then twist or bend those tabs on the back side of the dash to hold them in place.Push the pin down with the back end of the screwdriver.

If the ring is in good shape you can try and pry off those clips to save the trim ring.
It's easier to install these before the dash is installed than after.
In Stock, price:.95, in Stock, price:.50.
In our maria casino vinnare case we have a dash speaker in place, which we won't be reusing, so it will be removed once the grills are off.As with any project of course, save all the hardware, parts, and any other miscellaneous pieces that comes off until the job is complete.Out of Stock, price:.95, in Stock, price:.95.With the lip glued in place you can use an awl or in our case a Phillips screw driver, to locate and open up the holes in the dash pad for the seven plastic rivets which will hold the glove box trim ring in place.We have an aftermarket stereo, which wasn't wired up and we're not going to be reusing, so it's going to be removed.Install the glove box with the strap around it, and tighten the mounting screw at the bottom.Press the three wires, for the brake line warning switch, through the dash and then install those to the warning indicator using the note you previously made.Items 1-45 of 45, in Stock, price:.95.The pin needs to be snapped off the rivet before installing.There are wires on the back of the switch, take a picture or make a note about the wiring positions so you can reinstall them correctly later.