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Crusader kings 2 culture bonus

Try to have your vassals belong to your culture, as joker butikk kundeavis you'll get lower revolt risk and avoid the foreigner opinion penalty.
The speed of the conversion primarily depends on the steward's stewardship skill, and the mean time to happen is as follows: Steward stewardship mtth to convert province 0-1 122.07 years.66 years.13 years.5 years 5-8 50 years.5 years.
Spread of Culture - Provincial Level.
English is formed if a Norman ruler owns an Anglo-Saxon province after 1100.
If the Conclave DLC is active, the Heritage childhood focus can change a child's culture to the educator's.In early starts, most of Scandinavia is Norse.Maghreb_arabic Levantine Uses dynasty name as realm title.As indicated by this analysis, the 3 most retinue-cap-effective military units in the game, are the Longbowmen, Schiltron and Cataphracts, each of which are available only to specific culture groups.I'll go into what culture does and how you can use it to your advantage.Saxon flips to German (or Dutch) once Widukind rebellion has happened, unless controlled by a powerful Saxon ruler or if both province owner and his head of religion are Saxon (flips to Dutch if in the duchies of Holland, Gelre, Brabent, and Flanders).Culture Succession allowed Warfare advantages Other Han (Chinese) Castration (to disqualify ) Superior leadership traits Can adopt Chinese Imperial government 1 monthly grace (if same culture as Chinese emperor.At the most superficial level, Culture affects things like names and portraits.The mean times to happen are as follows: Diligent and gregarious guardian - 30 months.At game start, most realms will be relatively homogenous, with few realms containing more than one culture, and even fewer containing more than one culture group.

The guardian must be a ruler or in a court with the same culture.
Chinese Imperialism requires Khitan, Tangut, or Jurchen culture or Chinese culture group.
The first triggers when the province is of the same religion as the owner and there is at least one province next to it, with both same culture and a ruler of same culture, as the owners.
Turkish Portraits, persian Portraits, early Western Clothing Pack, early Eastern Clothing Pack.Third, try to keep your vassals of your culture, as you'll get lower revolt risk and avoid the foreigner opinion penalty.This penalty is modified by the cultural flexibility in the character's capital county.A province owner of the new culture for that region halves mtth.All Altaic cultures can use Tribal Invasion CB if Pagan.Can raid for loot.