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Civ 6 citizen slot vs housing

Can't be built on a which slot is main hand wow Hill.
Org, the Chateau earns bonus gold when adjacent to luxury resources.
Mbanza Notes: This is a unique version of the Neighborhood for Kongo.
How to get Science every method for earning Science in Civilization.
Research Lab: 5 Science, 1 Citizen slot, 1 Great Scientist point per turn; Wat: 3 Faith, 2 Science, 1 Citizen slot for Holy Site district.Neighborhood Requires : Urbanization civic Base Cost : 60 Production Yield : Provides Housing based on the Appeal of the tile: Breathtaking: 6 Housing Charming: 5 Housing Average: 4 Housing Uninviting: 3 Housing Disgusting: 2 Housing Notes : Mentioned in the Mashable preview: 'As time.Trade with a city that has a Campus district to earn Science from that route.Aerodrome districts with, airports after the, rapid, deployment, civic is unlocked.Production 2 air unit slots.Must be built on Desert (Hills) terrain." casino room casino reviews Angkor Wat Requires: Medieval Faires "1 Population in all current cities when built.

Project: Launch Earth Satellite Requires: Rocketry, Spaceport Base Cost: 1500 production "Space Race project which launches a small satellite into orbit.
Specialists, from Civilopedia: "Specialists are alternative assignments for Citizens, which involve working a district tile instead of a normal tile.
Major adjacency bonuses give 2 of a yield; Standard adjacency bonuses give 1 of a yield, and Minor adjacency bonuses give.5 of a yield.May not be built in an Encampment district that already has a Barracks." Armory Requires : Military Engineering Base Cost : 175 production; Maintenance: 2 Gold Yield : 2 Production, 1 Citizen slot, 1 Great General point "25 combat experience for all land units trained.District: Aerodrome, technology: Flight.Gains higher culture adjacency bonuses for being next to districts, especially the City Center.We had those pre-rendered Wonder movies that show a sort of time-lapse photography sunrise to sunset.Acropolis Notes: Unique district for Greece that replaces the Theater District."Amenities are evaluated locally for each city, so even though there's some Amenities that can be spread across your empire or be regional as well, everything is looked at and checked at the local level, so it's a very different approach to the global happiness.1 Housing in all cities.And lastly, for every citizen that works in an Encampment district building, 1 Culture and 1 Production are added each turn.