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Arma 3 dcplayer slots disappearing

arma 3 dcplayer slots disappearing

I'm either blind, or describing the issue wrong in my searches.
From Bohemia Interactive Community playableUnits, jump to: navigation, search, notes, killswitch, in single-player missions, this command will return an empty array.
I have a few ideas on what could be going wrong, but I feel like there is a much simpler way to solve this problem.
Here are the steps taken to reproduce: Host game server.I really appreciate any help!Until another player takes the slot.Privacy Policy, legal, steam Subscriber Agreement, refunds.Notice that the slots previously taken by yourself and whoever else was playing are now missing.

Furthermore, in this case, non-played slot (playable and disabled AI) units simply don't exist!
After looking at the mission failed debrief screen, press deposit withdrawal ne demek continue to be taken back to the game lobby.
Retrieved from " ".It appears that ther is just one user save allowed.To get a list of all player-controlled units: _allPlayers ; if ( isPlayer _x) then _allPlayers pushBack _x; ; forEach playableUnits ; Bull A,": Killswitch, in single-player missions, this command will return an empty array.(privately hosted, not dedicated).Arma 3 Questions Answers Topic Details, more Save central security depository slots, is ther any way to increase the number of saves available per mission?So, if all slots are diabled AI, playableunits is same as allPlayers.I was hoping that you guys might be able to point me in the right direction.If you name 8 playable units: u8, then 2 players in game: u3 u6 playableUnits will return u3,u6, and true for isNil "u1 isNil "u2".Choose a slot in the game lobby and start the game.

I've run into an issue that by no means breaks the game, but is rather annoying to deal with.
Pierre MGI, using the Editor (multiplayer attributes) for unchecking "enable AI or disabling AI(s) in lobby, will make playableUnits as a public variable, updated by each JIP on disabled slot.