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All set bonuses nioh

Balance, 4P - Reduces the cooldown of Starsurge by 5 sec.
Death svensk bingo bonus Knight, blood, 2P - When an attack drops your health below 35, one of your Blood Runes will immediately activate and convert into a Death Rune for the next 20 sec.
Rogue 2P - After triggering Tricks of the Trade, your abilities cost 20 less energy for 6 sec.
Here's a list of only the bonuses which have changed, followed by the original bonuses.Following the Alpha Demo back in April, Koei Tecmo is releasing.Elemental, 4P - Each time Elemental Overload triggers, you gain 250 haste rating for 4 sec, stacking up to 3 times.Druid, balance, 2P - Insect Swarm increases all damage done by your Starfire, Starsurge, and Wrath spells against that target.4P - Your Arcane Shot ability has a chance to grant 30 haste to you and your pet for 10 sec.The first is a Training Dojo, which teaches you how to play and use William's katana.

Katanas, cannon rifles, hammers, axes, spears, Onmyo magic, and ninjutsu will all be available in these areas.
Warlock 2P - The duration of your Doomguard and Infernal summons is increased by 2030 sec and the cooldown of of those spells is reduced by 4 min.
Home updates WoW Patch.3: Tier 13 Set Bonuses.
While weve been previewing the visuals of tier 13 on the front page at m, we thought you might be interested in the magics that lay imbued betwixt their stitches and plating.
Retribution, 2P - Your Judgement ability now also generates 1 Holy Power.Protection, 2P - Your Judgement ability now also grants a physical absorb shield equal to 25 of the damage it dealt.Date: Sep 29 2011 Views: ( ) Comments.Protection, 4P - Reduces the cooldown of Divine Guardian by 60 sec and increases the radius of its effect by 70 yards.Hunter 2P - Steady Shot and Cobra Shot generate double the amount of focus.Shadow, 2P - Shadow Word: Death deals an additional 55 damage, and reduces the damage you take from your own Shadow Word: Death when the target fails to die.

Shaman, elemental, 2P - Elemental Mastery also grants you 2000 mastery rating 15 sec.