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All bonus objectives azsuna legion

all bonus objectives azsuna legion

The quests at the hub it takes you to are as follows: 1) To Catch a Banshee -New Hub- -Greywatch- 2) Combustible Contagion 3) Whispers from the Dark 4) Cut Out the Heart and then you go to Skold-Ashil and continue with peter poker wallenberg dotter the same quests.
Final test run clocked in at 5 hours 53 minutes.
Which is a big upgrade from 743 ilv most people in mythic gear have even.
That's with 0 quest competition on beta.Go turn in "The Tears of Elune" in Dalaran.All of the information bellow is intended for min-maxing players trying to get as much XP in as little time elite dangerous bonus weekend trading as possible.These objectives cannot be abandoned, but will disappear if a player leaves the area without completing them.Stormheim also features one of the more straightforward main questlines, and although there are some mountainous areas, they're not nearly as daunting to navigate.No matter which area you're in, look for and complete Bonus Objectives.Legion rewards, edit, this section concerns content exclusive.The pathing goes off of other community spreadsheets that have been floating around with more in depth information per quest hub in each zone.

Nagrand Bonus Objectives - 72,000 xp 24 quests in Nagrand - 225,000.
There are several achievements which players can earn by completing all of the bonus objectives for each Draenor zone.
A status bar that appears below the on screen quest list.
Azsuna Edit d700 card slots Highmountain Edit Stormheim Edit Val'sharah Edit List of Bonus Objectives by Draenor zone Edit This section concerns content exclusive to Warlords of Draenor.Cloak portal to Org/Stormwing and get to Dalaran to start legion stuff!If you do every main story quest solo you end up needing like 30 of a level at 109 after you complete all the dungeon quests so it may fill in that gap nicely with all the Val'shara/Highmountain quests.Used to be multiclass multiglad.With some patience, you can slot in everyone you need instead of having them tied up with menial quests that don't play to their strengths.Highmountain When you land in Thunder Totem, bind your hearthstone (the floor you land on) Note that the quest next to the innkeeper IS buggy AS fuck AND IS also THE slowest escort ever made DO NOT pick.Fallen Adventurer's Journal Icon Fallen Adventurer's Journal: starts The Captured Journal (5 Darkmoon Prize Ticket).Have your character logged out in gorgrond.You can also get around 40-50k xp from having all your garrison missives ready to turn in if you're really wanting to do something in less than a minute and get going.

In World of Warcraft: Legion, you will reach the level 110 cap just through questing if you complete occasional Bonus Objectives.
VAL'sharah Note: Optimal path for the Archdruid quest line is Vale, Grizzleweald, Faerie Fracas, Claw, Lore (Thanks Floopa for the optimization note) 1) Cenarius, Keeper of the Grove 2) Nature's Call 3) Archdruid of the Claw (2nd) 4) Archdruid of Lore (3rd) 5) Archdruid.
At that point, you can enter and reap the reward before moving on to the next zone.